Rochester’s K-9 Units Ride In Comfort and Safety Thanks to
Empire Emergency

Author: Mike McLaughlin

When the Rochester Police Department selected us to outfit four Ford Utility Patrol Units for their K-9 officers, the team at Empire Emergency was highly honored.  K-9 unit officers are a special breed, as the officers must perform their usual duties in addition to being expert animal handlers.  It takes both a natural ability as well as a great deal of training to become a K-9 officer.  And it takes a very special dog to team with and perform the duties of a police dog.  The law enforcement vehicle equipment utilized by K-9 units is just as specialized in its design and function.

As emergency vehicle outfitters, Empire approaches police car equipment and especially canine equipment, with an eye on the highly specific nature of the unit’s daily needs.  As with all police vehicles, officer safety is paramount in addition to seamless functionality. Police officers spend a lot of time in their vehicles, patrolling and responding to citizens’ needs, so comfort is also a big factor.  Empire also knows from our years of experience with police vehicle upfitting, weapons and other equipment must be safely secured while readily accessible.  These are the challenges we faced front and center as we strove to provide the perfect solution.

For the Rochester K-9 Units, we provided complete containment of the electrical system using a Havis electrical storage cabinet, which allows easy access while protecting vital components from damage.  We recommended and installed a flat-to-dash computer monitor system with an easily accessible keyboard.  And last, but not least, a Lund “Loft” weapons storage system that allows for ease of deployment while it protects the equipment from dog dander, hair, dirt and public access.

We not only approach the job as emergency vehicle equipment suppliers, but also as upholders of our customers’ safety and comfort.  We take great pride in knowing that when we’ve done our job, the public servants we work with can do theirs – and do it well.  We value the trust the Rochester Police Department placed in Empire Emergency and are confident that the K-9 Unit officers and their canine partners are well equipped to face their daily challenges, protecting and serving their community.

Empire Emergency is your trusted provider of highly-customized emergency vehicle installations that ensure the effectiveness and safety of the men and women who protect and serve our communities. Empire’s emergency vehicle upfit solutions enable fire, police, and rescue teams of all sizes to perform quickly, efficiently, safely, and secure in the knowledge that their equipment is both expertly installed and inspected with meticulous attention to detail.

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