Accepting the Challenge for the Erie County Sewer District’s Camera Unit

Author: Mike McLaughlin

We love it when we exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of custom vehicle outfitting solutions and outstanding service. When Empire Emergency was approached by the Erie County Sewer District for a DPW vehicle upfitting project with several specific requirements, we rolled up our collective sleeves and looked at the project holistically and creatively. As the region’s premier emergency vehicle outfitters with a proven track record, we were selected based on our history of delivering the highest quality solution while keeping within the agency’s budget.  The Department of Public Works has a big job to do,  keeping the county’s roadways and bridges safe and functional, as well as maintaining county-owned facilities and equipment.  This is no small feat when you consider it operates and maintains the sewer system in numerous towns and municipalities, many with highly populated communities with multiple needs.

The county’s DPW fleet management made it clear that this customized vehicle needed to provide both operator comfort as well as a clean space for computer work and cameras.  And considering the unit could be deployed at any time of day or night, effective lighting and a quiet generator (so as not to disturb sleeping citizens or active businesses) were key factors.  With Erie County’s notoriously cold winters and hot summers, an efficient and reliable HVAC system was also a priority for the department’s staff.

Our team took to that challenge like ducks to water – working together to provide the solution to our client’s somewhat complicated needs. Empire Emergency delivered a custom DPW vehicle that checked all the boxes, also providing ease of service and local availability for parts. We understand from our clients that this particular vehicle is so popular, there is competition among the staff as to who gets to operate it on a daily basis!

Repeat business is something we’re very proud of.  And we’re grateful to the Erie County Sewer District for continuing to put their trust in our team.

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