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Avoid the DIY temptation.

Hey we get it. You’re a small, volunteer department with a limited budget and limited time…just like literally 90% of all the fire departments in the USA. You’ve got more mechanics in your town than you know what to do with, and you might be asking yourself, “why not spend your service dollars inside your own community?”

Two words: “seconds count.”

If there’s a fire in your district, do you really want to be the guy who authorized Jimmy the Neighborhood Mechanic to repair a key component that failed when your fighters are on the scene expecting it to perform? What if someone gets injured or worse? Who’s responsible when the insurance claims come in? 

Are these possibilities you can live with?

Fortunately, Empire Emergency has an affordable solution. Our team of ASC and EVT-certified technicians can service any and all of the components on any of the apparatus in your fleet. In fact, many service calls and certification tests can be completed on-site at your firehouse from our fully-stocked fire apparatus service truck. 

If more involved servicing is required, Empire’s secured-and-monitored 13,000 square-foot service facility is equipped with every tool necessary to complete the job, including on-site fabrication. We’ll even pick your truck up for you.

At every level, Empire is keenly aware of what it takes to help communities like yours in maintaining their fire apparatus servicing requirements.

Preserve your ISO rating

Empire is on-call to perform your regular maintenance, be it quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

We will also perform certified, third-party annual testing of your aerial apparatus, in addition to ground ladder testing throughout the entire process. We hire the testing partner, initiate the paperwork, process the documentation, and then prepare your certification so you can promptly file it with the proper authorities. You can then affix your certification to your department’s aerial apparatus.

Empire’s team of ASC and EVT-certified service technicians services all makes and models of fire apparatus including:

  • Rosenbauer
  • Pierce
  • E-One
  • American LaFrance
  • Any other make/model that’s been placed into service within the last 30 years.

Place your trust in your service experts.
Hire Empire as the service provider for your department.

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