Specialized SWAT Operations demand a custom upfitting approach.

By: Michael McLaughlin

When Captain David Kok of the Niagara Falls Police Department approached us about a new auxiliary SWAT vehicle for his department, he shared some of the challenges he was facing with other emergency vehicle outfitters in placing the job. His greatest issue: their quotes to deliver what he needed were far greater than his budget.


emergency vehicle upfit rendering

Empire uses state of the art tools in planning every emergency vehicle upfit.

Honestly, we can’t blame them. Manufacturing a SWAT vehicle that’s effective in field operations is a specialized undertaking and quite unlike other police vehicle upfitting projects. More than simply being a mobile office like a police interceptor, a SWAT (or Special Operations) vehicle serves the purposes of officer transport, conference room, situation room, surveillance post, armory, and mobile fortress. But creating custom upfitting solutions within a budget is something of a specialty of ours, so I put our upfitting specialists to work on the task of giving David what he needed without busting his budget.

This is where our close relationships with a variety of emergency vehicle equipment suppliers that manufacture top-quality police car equipment becomes extremely useful. Because we aren’t wedded to a single manufacturer, this allows us to assess our customer’s unique operational requirements, then select the best available law enforcement vehicle equipment that meets each one of their needs and specifications at a price point that’s far lower than what other emergency vehicle upfitters can provide.

We ultimately developed a solution that included Secure-It rifle mounts, an Amdor Locking roll-up door, lift-up bench seats with storage, crowd shield storage, a PAC board wall with custom mounts for securing forcible entry tools, storage for a small ladder, weapons storage, tactical lighting, a collapsible conference table, and drop-down dry-erase board, all within a custom Unicell body. We were even able to work in an external powered awning to protect his team from the elements whilst staging outside the vehicle. In short: we delivered everything the Captain needed for his team (and then some).

And yes, we did it within his department’s budget.

This is the sort of thing we do every single day that we’ve been operating since 2006. By working closely with our customers, knowing their budget, thinking creatively, and then applying our expertise to meeting their needs with safety and comfort as the paramount concerns, we are able to deliver Solutions that Matter on every single project.

Thank you Captain Kok! We are delighted to be of service.

Details for Niagara Falls Police Department (SWAT)

  • Chevy 4500 chassis and drivetrain
  • Unicell Body (Empty)
  • Added benches with hideaway storage
  • Stow-away table
  • White board that swings down from ceiling
  • Custom cabinets (weapons/shields)
  • Roof ac/heating unit added
  • Tactical lighting (can be changed to red)
  • AC Generator (Cummins)
  • PAC custom mounting

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